Although there are many flooring options for your home, our luxury vinyl flooring Bristol fitters believe LVT now offer the most popular, flexible and practical solution for all your flooring needs. What’s more, to help you select what is best for you, Amtico flooring, one of our LVT partners, offers a wide range of colours, patterns and texture samples so that you can preview your chosen solution in the privacy of your own home.

Here are four good reasons why people choose luxury vinyl flooring for their floors:

LVT look amazingly good

In the past, the biggest downside of vinyl floor tiles was that they looked unnatural. With modern technology and materials, this has all changed. LVT manufacturers such as Amtico flooring, one of our closest partners, have now developed products that have the exact surface and visual appearance of natural materials such as wood, stone and marble.

LVT offer high quality budget-friendly solutions

Amtico flooring prices offer low cost solutions that fit a tight or moderate budget. Although brand, design and thickness may influence your price you can always be safe with the knowledge that quality is always assured with LVT. With advancing technology, the modern materials from which LVT are manufactured are cheaper and can be as much as 1/3 the cost of materials such as hardwood to purchase and install.

LVT are built to last

Being made of pressed wood, luxury vinyl tiles are more durable and more resistant to scratches, dampness and abrasion than traditional stone, ceramic, or hardwood installations. They are also very easy to clean and maintain. All you need is a cleaning solution and a clean mop. Stains can be removed immediately without leaving any marks on the flooring.

LVT offer you a wide range of colours and textures

One of the main advantages of LVT is the limitless design options offering a wide spectrum of colours, styles, textures and patterns. Luxury vinyl tiles are ideal for people that want a flooring that not only suits their needs and budget but also their unique personality.

A large number of important factors can impact both the aesthetics and the quality of the luxury vinyl tiles that you may select for your flooring. Virtuoso LVT experts are always available to make sure your Bristol or Bath luxury vinyl flooring choice matches your budget, interior design needs and your unique personality.