Nothing finishes off a room quite like a carpet, or compares to its soft, warm feeling under your feet! Our residential carpet selection for Bath homes is the ultimate addition to your space, whether you have a modern apartment in Clifton village or a traditional cottage in Castle Combe.

Whether you are looking for a luxury carpet or practical, hard-wearing, cheap carpet more suited to high traffic areas, the Virtuoso Flooring carpet fitters have quite literally got your covered! Our residential carpets Bath collection is available in a vast array of colours, designs and styles, and there is an option to suit every budget and taste.

Why choose us for our residential carpets in Bath?

Our Bath carpet fitters visit each residential location in person and bring with them a wide range of carpet samples. You can rest assured that you will be able to choose the right carpet for your home, in the comfort of your home. Previous residential carpets Bath customers have asked us to supply and install carpets for the stairs, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and hallways, but if you have any special requirements, please do not hesitate to ask.

We are not just another Bath carpet shop, we have the knowledge, skills and experience to install all types of quality flooring and our carpet fitters have more than 20 years experience in the local area. We’re proud to serve Bath.

With so many different colours, materials and designs available, choosing a carpet can be a daunting task, so we’ll be on hand to navigate you through the sometimes difficult selection process, with the goal of finding the right carpet for your Bath home. Our high-quality collection of carpets is manufactured in a variety of textures. When choosing your carpet the location needs to be carefully considered, as the level of wear expected can make some designs more suitable than others.

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Luxury Carpet Our Bath carpet fitters have a wide experience installing high-end luxury carpets in Bath. Luxury carpets are usually made of natural fibres (for example wool or silk) having a support layer made also of natural fibres or high-quality synthetic materials. The density of the fabric is very high, which makes it feel incredible when touched. Click read more to discover the advantages of installing a luxury carpet in your home in Bath.
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Cost-Effective Carpet Top quality carpet solutions at affordable prices! Although you may have a limited budget, our Bath carpet experts can still help you to install low cost, good quality carpets in Bath. Low-cost carpet is a simple and effective solution for covering and protecting the flooring in your house whilst achieving a beautiful interior design. Easy to install and maintain, low-cost carpet provides you with a top quality cost effective solution with a much lower price than some luxury carpets or wood flooring. Click read more to discover the advantages of installing a low-cost carpet in your home in Bath.
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