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Your Residential Bath Carpet & Flooring Supplier

With over 20 years of experience laying vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl tiles, laminate, wood flooring and carpet in Bath, we have the solution for you.

The benefit of having access to a large number of flooring suppliers gives us the advantage of a wide variety of flooring solutions that can fit any interior design style.

We know how important it is that every room of the house reflects the unique personality of each client while also meeting their needs. The Virtuoso flooring and carpet fitters Bath will visit each home to take measurements and assess the condition of the floors, but most importantly to discuss with the customer his preferences, needs and expectations.

Whatever room in your home needs updating we’ve got it covered!

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious finish to your family home, or a landlord aiming to keep costs down on a rental property we have the residential flooring solution for you. If you are looking for Bath contract flooring, please navigate to the next section of our website.

By clicking on the flooring types below you will find examples of the exceptional finish you can expect from us, and some inspiration for your residential flooring project.

Excellent Residential Flooring & Carpet in Bath.


Stylish Innovative Flooring


Nothing finishes off a room quite like a carpet, or compares to its soft, luxurious feeling of carpet under your feet! Carpets are available in a vast array of colours, designs and styles. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious finish to your family home, or a landlord aiming to keep costs down on a rental property we have the best Bath carpet for you.


Stair Runners

Stair runners are an excellent interior way to add charm to your home whilst also being practical. Whether its flatweave or twist pile carpet, there are endless design options - colour, pattern, style, and finish.

Stair Runners

Stylish Wood Flooring

Let our Bath wood flooring experts take care of your home. Wood is an elastic material which is a joy to walk. Hardwood flooring emanates warmth and can transform the flooring in your home. Real wood flooring has the benefit to adapt very easily to the needs of every room: resilient in a child's room, practical in the kitchen or elegant and comfortable in the living room.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Discover the Bath luxury vinyl flooring we install across the UK. Luxury vinyl tiles are a new generation of vinyl flooring that combines the beauty of wood with the resistance of vinyl tiles which makes them suitable for any room in your house.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Laminate Flooring

Our Bath laminate flooring experts find a flooring solution that is easy to maintain, highly durable and stain resistant. Most people would associate laminate with an imitation wooden finish, but the reality is that laminate comes in a variety of colours and designs including those that imitate tile and stone flooring.


Sheet Vinyl

Discover our modern Bath vinyl flooring! Many people choose vinyl for their residential or commercial premises because it’s extremely resilient, durable and very easy to maintain. It is also very versatile in use and comes in a wide variety of designs and styles enabling you to create a unique design for your floors.


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