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Luxury vinyl tiles are a new generation of vinyl flooring; Designed to replicate the authentic look of wood, stone, and porcelain tiles, they are the perfect combination of durability and design.

Whether you are looking to transform your space with a colourful, eye-catching abstract design or a traditional oak herringbone effect, luxury vinyl tiles can make any room in your Bath home feel utterly sophisticated and welcoming. 

At Virtuoso Flooring, we have the largest selection of luxury vinyl floor tiles in Bath in a vast selection of styles. We supply and install only the best in the market, including the leading brands Karndean, Amtico and Moduleo.


Luxury vinyl tiles are made from durable vinyl manufactured to much higher quality standards than regular sheet vinyl. That makes luxury vinyl floor tiles an attractive floor covering and highly durable. Luxury vinyl tiles have better sound insulation and moisture resistance properties, perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and busy living areas.

Modern luxury vinyl has a deep colour and added texture, providing a realistic feel and finish. When shopping for vinyl tiles in Bath, you can see and feel grains, grooves, and knots just like the natural characteristics of real wood or stone.

They couple the beauty of natural materials with the longevity and hard-wearing qualities of premium quality floor tiles.

In our Moorland Road showroom, you can check out the largest selection of LVT flooring in Bath. Once you’ve chosen, our experienced vinyl tile fitters can ensure the fit and finish are of the highest standard.

We’ve helped countless homeowners and landlords in Bath (and beyond) transform their spaces with luxury vinyl tiles. Our vinyl flooring Bath experts can help you choose the best floor tiles for your space, so visit us today!

Visit our Showroom on Moorland Road to find the perfect luxury vinyl tiles for your home!

Moduleo Floors

We are expert fitters of Moduleo flooring in Bath. We have been supplying Moduleo Luxury Viny Tiles to the Bath Market for many years and have extensive knowledge of the full Moduleo range.

Aside from their impeccable design and collection diversity, Moduleo pride themselves on their eco-friendly focus. Wind turbine production plants in Belgium to the product itself, Moduleo’s luxury vinyl tiles contain up to 50% recyclable material, a prefect compromise if you want stylish and ethical luxury vinyl flooring solution.


Karndean Flooring

We are expert fitters of Karndean flooring in Bath. We have been supplying Karndean Luxury Viny Tiles to the Bath Market for many years and have extensive knowledge of the full Karndean range.

Seeking inspiration from the natural world to influence their unique designs, Karndean Flooring have created a vast range of luxury vinyl tile collections. Whether your inspiration is from European contemporary oaks or grand Regency Villas, Karndean is highly durable and simply beautiful.


Amtico Flooring

We are expert fitters of Amtico flooring in Bath. We have been supplying Amtico Luxury Viny Tiles to the Bath Market for many years and have extensive knowledge of the full Amtico range.

Exclusively designed and crafted in Britain, Amtico have been, innovating and manufacturing luxury vinyl flooring for over 50 years. With a wide range of wood, stone, and abstract designs, Amtico have created ranges which allow you to express your style and explore with design innovation.


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