At Virtuoso Flooring, we are serious about sustainability and recognise the environmental responsibility of the flooring industry and its impact on our planet. We are proud to work with a handpicked range of providers and offer the largest selection of sustainable flooring in Bath


We are constantly finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint and cut emissions. Here’s what we’re doing to protect the planet…

We strive to:

  • Encourage and promote environmentally sustainable flooring solutions, including natural and renewable materials of wool, sisal (other natural plant-based carpets), rubber, and wood.
  • Build relationships and work with suppliers who share our environmental ethos and passion for reducing their carbon footprint. We ensure all suppliers invest time and resources to reduce waste, living up to their promises.
  • Engage and raise environmental awareness through regular and open communication with all stakeholders.


Where the use of natural materials isn’t suitable for the project, we encourage the use of Econyl. Econyl is 100% regenerated nylon, crafted from everything, including fishing nets and fabric scraps. It is transformed into new products such as carpets.

Econyl is a new generation of yarn, which can be recycled, recreated, and remoulded, again and again, creating new products from old resources. If you’re searching for eco-friendly flooring in Bath, consider Econyl.

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We are proud members of Recofloor, the vinyl take-back scheme. Founded by Polyflor and Altro, Recofloor is a collection and recycling scheme for commercial waste vinyl. It provides an eco-friendly and cost-effective method of waste disposal, with waste transformed into new flooring.

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Supporting British Brands

Sourcing flooring from UK suppliers enables us to assess their green credentials and understand their emissions reductions activities.

We work closely with our British brands to maintain legal employment rights and product quality. Our British Suppliers include Cormar Carpets, Brockway, Furlong, Abingdon, Woodpecker and Ted Todd.

Visit our showroom or call us to chat about our available range of UK-made sustainable flooring in Bath.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified

Described as “the world’s most trusted sustainable forest management solution,” the FSC is a leading catalyst for ensuring forest protection and environmental sustainability.

The FSC manage and maintain the market consumption of wood by conserving and restoring ecosystem and environmental values. Our suppliers and manufacturers who are FSC certified, such as Ted Todd, use wood materials that are sustainably sourced and contribute to protecting forest environments.

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Spring Bond Underlay

Spring Bond is an eco-engineered underlay made from recycled PET plastic bottles and other single-use plastics, which pollute our oceans. Spring Bond is dedicated to combatting plastic pollution and house air pollution and providing a cleaner living environment.

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Are you searching for eco-friendly flooring in Bath?

Our flooring experts can provide impartial advice on sustainable flooring solutions for residential and commercial clients. We can provide information on all our suppliers and offer a vast range of sustainable flooring in our Bath showroom for you to check out. Visit our Moorland Road showroom or contact us today to arrange a no-obligation on-site visit.

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