Practical tips for cleaning your carpet directly from our carpet Bath experts

First of all, start the cleaning immediately after a stain appears regardless of its type. In the case of liquid stains, the first step is to use a highly absorbent towel to pull as much as you can of the liquid.

Use paper towels and tap the area several times, changing the towel as often as needed. Instead of paper towels, you can also use toilet paper. Tap the place, do not rub, and firmly press on the stain.

The second step is to pour sparkling mineral water on the stain and then absorb it with wipes.

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Grease stains can be cleaned with shower gel or dishwashing detergent. Prepare a concentrated solution of sparkling mineral water with detergent, pour over the stain and then follow the directions above. Repeat the operation until the carpet is cleaned.

Dust stains can be cleaned with the vacuum cleaner but in the first place try not to touch the surface in order to avoid spreading the dirt. Mud stains should be cleaned after it has dried, with the vacuum cleaner and then with sparkling mineral water.

Carpets are very durable, but the risk of them getting stained or dirty is so high that you need to know how to clean the carpet thoroughly”, says one of our carpet Bath fitters.

If you want to clean the entire carpet, keep in mind that white food vinegar is an excellent natural detergent. Use a solution prepared from one part vinegar, and two parts water.

If you want to clean the carpet of durable or old stains, mix one tablespoon of ammonia powder with a small cup of sparkling mineral water. Apply the solution on the stained area, let it work and then remove it by tapping.