Our Kitchen Flooring Guide

Your kitchen is the hub of your home. The place where families gather together to discuss the day’s activities. The spot where meals are shared and memories are made. Therefore, choosing the right kitchen flooring couldn’t be more important. These rooms experience high foot traffic, temperature fluctuations and high moisture. Helping you to understand the specific challenges that kitchen flooring faces, the options on the market and how to personalise this space to suit your needs are what we’re here for. Read through our Kitchen Flooring Guide to start making key decisions for your home today.

Kitchen-Specific Demands for Flooring

Every room in your home will serve a different person and be the home of various activities. The flooring you choose needs to support this and withstand daily use. The kitchen is no exception – in fact, it may be one of the most challenging environments in a home. Not only do you cook meals for your loved ones, which raises the internal temperature and creates grease /food-related splashes. Kitchens are also a place with high moisture content, from the washing-up, dishwashers and kettles. Temperature fluctuations can impact certain materials, such as wood, causing it to expand and contract. In the same belt, too much moisture can cause swelling in materials that don’t have good water resistance.

Additionally, kitchens are busy places. You’ll likely spend a significant portion of your time at home frequenting the kitchen. This means the flooring you choose needs to withstand high foot traffic. And, it needs to do this without becoming damaged easily or requiring excessive repairs.

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Flooring?

At Virtuoso Flooring, we believe that flooring should be a personal choice for every household. While sticking to a budget may take priority for some, others may be looking to invest in something unique to match their statement interior design. However, there should always be a consideration for practicality. Think about:

  • Maintenance – Expect spills, sprays and mess in your kitchen – even if you’re the most careful chef. How much time do you want to spend scrubbing marks from your floor? Do you have the time or money to invest in tailored cleaning products or do you want marks to lift with just the swipe of a wet cloth?
  • Safety – If your new kitchen floor gets wet, how slippery will it become? Is this a particular hazard because of family members, such as the elderly or small children?
  • Disruption – Having flooring laid will always cause some disruption to your daily life. However, some floors require more time to dry or set. How much time can you realistically set aside for this project before it becomes an inconvenience?
  • Price – There are flooring options for every single budget. Do you have a clear understanding of your top-end budget or the exact amount you would like to spend? The right flooring supplier will be able to find the best option without asking you to spend more.
  • Longevity – If you’re investing in flooring, you want it to last. Consider how hard-wearing and durable your chosen floor will be to ensure you only need to invest once.

Types of Kitchen Flooring

Let’s take a look at the different types of kitchen flooring available on the market today.


Known for its exceptional strength, laminate flooring is a popular choice for kitchens. It provides a host of benefits, including stain resistance and scratch resistance. When paired with an underlay, laminate flooring offers good waterproof properties meaning it won’t damage if splashed during a vigorous washing up session. If you choose a soundproofing underlay, your new kitchen flooring will also help keep the rest of the home quiet and relaxing. The material’s durability can easily withstand heavy foot traffic and it comes in a diverse selection of colours and styles. You can choose to add pops of colour or create a wood-like effect without the price tag.


LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tiles are ideal for kitchen environments. As a new generation of vinyl flooring, it is manufactured from multiple sheets which give it heightened strength and durability. The materials used mean it has exceptional moisture resistance – again making it ideal for demanding kitchen environments. It is also less susceptible to damage caused by impacts, such as dropping a knife or plate. For longevity, LVT has good stain resistance and requires minimal cleaning to keep it looking its best. And, if you’re someone who ventures into the kitchen for your morning coffee, it has a cushioning feel underfoot that makes the experience more enjoyable all-round.

Wooden Flooring

While it may seem like an unusual choice, engineered wood is actually a practical option for kitchens. We’ve written a blog post about this topic here. Due to its construction, engineered wood isn’t as susceptible to temperature fluctuations or moisture. Therefore you reduce the risk of warping or damage throughout the seasons while gaining that luxury wooden look in the process. With so many options out there in terms of grain, varnish and finish, wooden flooring in kitchens is an investment that’s worth making. And, it’s worth considering that wooden flooring can increase your home value too, making it a worthwhile choice.


Another big investment choice and popular option for kitchens is tile flooring. These hardwearing, water-resistant and easily maintained work perfectly in these challenging environments. However, they do come with a high price tag. Additionally, tiles become very cold unless you use an underfloor heating system and they are a hard slip hazard that may not be entirely suitable for young children.

Finding the Right Kitchen Flooring for You

As we mentioned above, kitchen flooring should tick the boxes for both style and practicality all in one. When choosing the right option for you, it pays to work with an experienced and professional team. Here at Virtuoso Flooring, we have over 20 years of experience having worked with homeowners in Bristol and Bath. Our flooring solutions spread across a diverse range of choices, from laminate and LVT right through to stylish wood flooring. If you would like to speak to a member of our team, please do get in contact with us here today.

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