Does Wooden Flooring Work In A Kitchen?

Are you considering a remodel or renovation of your kitchen? You wouldn’t be alone. According to a study published at the end of 2018, homeowners spent the year investing significantly in kitchen units. And, research from Nationwide found that having a new kitchen fitted in your home can increase property value by approximately 6%. So, once you’ve chosen the new cooker, paint for the walls and those tiles that make your heart sing, it’s time to turn towards the flooring. Traditional interior designers may automatically turn to wooden flooring for its warmth and comfort underfoot. But does wooden flooring work in a kitchen? We’ve spoken to the Virtuoso Flooring experts here to find out.

Benefits of Wooden Flooring

Wood floors have long been a popular option throughout all areas of the home. Some of the key reasons are:

  • It doesn’t harbour irritating particles, meaning wooden flooring is an ideal choice from families that suffer from allergies like asthma.
  • It is very easy to maintain and hardwearing.
  • It is an investment that increases property value.
  • It is comfortable underfoot and warms up a space.
  • It comes in a variety of colours and finishes to suit your needs.

But, is it suitable for the kitchen?

One key consideration to look at here is the way in which wood responds to heat and moisture. During its lifespan, wood expands and retracts depending on the environment around it. This is why you are told to acclimatise wooden floorboards to a room’s condition before installation. While this can be managed quite easily in living rooms or bedrooms, it becomes more challenging in kitchens. With all the dishwashing, clothes washing, cooking and excessive heat, wooden floors can become warped. This is why they aren’t generally used for kitchens.

However, engineered wooden flooring has been designed as a solution to this. It isn’t so heavily impacted by temperature and humidity levels, meaning the contraction and expansion rates are less. Other options that allow you to get that wood floor-effect are laminate flooring and Luxury Vinyl Tiles that can both be manufactured in your chosen colour and pattern.

Here at Virtuoso Flooring, we pride ourselves in providing stylish wood flooring to Bath, and beyond. With a keen focus on quality, design and variability, you’ll find the perfect flooring to suit any room in the house. If you are considering a kitchen renovation and would like more information about the most suitable type of flooring, feel free to get in contact with our team on 01225 972 715.

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