Get to Know Lano SmartStrand Forever Clean Carpets

Carpets provide a warm and luxurious finish, making rooms feel cosy and homely, and as such, they’re a trendy choice for Virtuoso Flooring customers. One of the most popular brands we stock is Lano, and the Lano SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets are particularly appealing for several reasons.

Stain Protection Technology and Spill Shield

Lano SmartStrand Forever Clean technology combines built-in stain protection technology with a nanotechnology spill shield and has been increasing in popularity since first brought to the market in 2005.

These are the only carpets with a permanent built-in stain and soil protection that won’t eventually wear away or wash off. This protection means they are exceptionally durable and can last for many years whilst still looking and feeling brand new.

So, how does SmartStrand stain protection with nanotechnology work? Ultra-fine nanoparticles bond together and encapsulate the SmartStrand fibres within the carpet, creating a spill and soil barrier superior to any other on the market.

Other manufacturers use temporary, topical protections that wear and wash off over time. So, whilst carpet protection is a worthwhile investment as it keeps carpets looking cleaner for longer, other brands don’t last as long as Lano SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets.


Fibres Hold Less Dirt

In addition, Lano SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets don’t hold dirt within their fibres as other carpets do. Independent vacuum testing has shown that Lano SmartStrand carpets release up to three times more dirt than other carpets when vacuumed. Homeowners can relax knowing that their carpets are as clean and as safe as possible for those suffering from conditions like dust allergies.


Long Lasting

As well as being incredibly easy to clean, Lano SmartStrand carpets are made with advanced fibres designed to resist matting and crushing, meaning the fibres will bounce back, and carpets will maintain their new look and great appearance over time.


Another thing we love about the Lano SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets is that they are made partially from annually renewable plant-based materials to reduce the usage of natural resources and limit damage to the environment around us. This process allows Lano to reduce their energy consumption in the manufacturing process and reduce its carbon footprint. SmartStrand fibres are made with 37% natural starch, making them the most eco-friendly yarn available on the market, which is becoming more important to consumers.


We’re proud to offer the Lano SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets as it is the highest-rated carpet in the UK for consumer satisfaction, cleanability and durability. This rating makes it perfect for busy homes, homes with pets and homes with children, where spills happen and dirt is a part of life. Lano’s unique technology ensures carpets are easily kept clean and look and feel great for years.

If you’d like to learn more about Lano SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets, or any of our other types of carpets or flooring, our team are here to help. You can visit our modern showroom on Moorland Road in Bath, or call us on 01225 972 715.

Lano SmartStrand Forever Clean Carpets

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