Wooden flooring has long been a popular choice. From bedrooms and hallways through to living rooms, it has a versatility to suit every space. And, it doesn’t matter what interior design style you favour either. Both classic and modern homes can play host to wooden flooring. Here at Virtuoso Flooring in Bath, we believe that wooden flooring is an option that every homeowner should consider. That’s why we’re bringing you our 5 top reasons to help you make the right decision.


Wooden flooring is a hardwearing and durable option – perfect for busy rooms and environments. Hardwood options stand up much more successfully to everyday wear in comparison to softwoods. However, this general durability allows wooden flooring to last for much longer. It also means you can maintain the sleek style in your home for years to come without the need for excessive repairs or expensive replacements.


As we mentioned above, wooden flooring is highly versatile. For a warmer, traditional look, opt for darker woods such as oak. In comparison, modern homes can benefit from greige-tone floors that help to lighten any room. Stains and varnishes come in a variety of colours while also offering protection. And, there are various stylistic options out there including parquet wooden flooring, giving you additional personalisation options.


Wood is a natural insulator. It helps lock warm air into a room and reduces the risk of draughts. During winter, this ensures you’re able to maintain a comfortable temperature. And, in many cases, reduces the heating bill as a result. This makes wooden flooring a practical choice for any room – especially living rooms and even bedrooms.

Add To Property Value

According to recent studies, hardwood floors can increase the value of your home. According to realtor.com, it could even add a significant 2.5% in some cases. This is largely due to the points we’ve mentioned above – wooden floors are durable and versatile. Prospective owners will have to do minimal work to a room, improving its appeal.

Low Maintenance

When finished and sealed, wooden floors are very low maintenance. Look for hardwood options if you’re looking for something that requires minimal care. They are hardwearing and require dusting or dry mopping to bring back the original beauty.

Here at Virtuoso Flooring, we have a team of experts on hand to help advise on the right wooden flooring for your needs. Please get in contact to discuss your project with us.