Sustainable Flooring Options for Your Home

At Virtuoso Flooring, we care about the planet, and that’s why we’re so invested in sustainable flooring options. We know that within the flooring industry, we have a responsibility to the environment, and we try to do all that we can to lessen any negative impact on the world around us. Our team are always looking for ways that we can positively reduce our carbon emissions and contribute to the health of planet earth.

Here are some sustainable flooring options we offer to keep our impact on the environment around us as low as possible.

Sustainable Wood Flooring

At Virtuoso Flooring, we’re proud to offer a wide range of sustainable flooring options that look amazing in homes or businesses and are hard-wearing and long-lasting. Wood is one of the most sustainable flooring options; it is natural, biodegradable, hygienic, and anti-allergenic.

As well as all of this, wood also has brilliant thermal properties, helping to keep your home warm or cool depending on the season, and it also offers acoustic insulation. These insulating properties make it the perfect choice for any home and many business settings.

Virtuoso Flooring is proud to stock the most extensive selection of solid and engineered wood flooring in Bath. We stock flooring from highly regarded brands such as Ted Todd, Boen and Woodpecker Flooring. These brands create some of the best and most chic wooden floorings, and they also share our commitment to sustainability.

Other Sustainable Flooring Solutions

We also have a range of other sustainable flooring solutions, including natural and renewable materials such as wool, sisal (other natural plant-based carpets), and rubber. There’s something within our range to suit any home or place of business.

Sustainable Econyl

On some projects, the use of natural materials simply isn’t suitable, and, in these cases, we recommend using Econyl. Econyl is a nylon that is 100% recycled using materials such as old fishing nets and fabric scraps regenerated into new products such as soft, comfortable carpets.

This new generation of yarn can be further recycled, recreated, and remoulded countless times to create new products without the waste and excess from using new resources.

Recycling Scheme

We are delighted to be members of the vinyl take-back scheme, Recofloor. This scheme is a collection and recycling scheme for commercial waste vinyl that provides an eco-friendly and cost-effective method of waste disposal from founders Polyflor and Altro. The collected vinyl is remoulded back into new flooring to minimise waste as much as possible.

We Work with Trusted Suppliers Who Care About Sustainability

We choose to build relationships and work with trusted suppliers who share our passion for the environment and for reducing their carbon footprint. We work with companies who invest time and resources into figuring out how they can reduce their overall waste.

If you’d like to learn more about our range of sustainable flooring options, why not visit our brand-new showroom? You’ll find us located at 10 Moorland Road in Bath. Alternatively, you can call us on 01225 972 715 or email, and someone will reply to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Sustainable Flooring

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