DCIM100GOPROGOPR0272.JPG Ben Horan Co-founder and Director

Famous for his Classic red Mazda carpet van! Ben has been fitting carpets and floors for the last 15 years. He is an outstanding and very experienced floor fitter and is a real community favourite. He will never drive by a stranded motorist or person in distress and was even featured in the Bath Chronicle for his heroic actions! He manages the fitting team, day to day work flow, prices most jobs and generates a lot of business; oh, and does the odd bit of fitting too! To say Ben is pivotal to the company’s success is a bit of an understatement, it just wouldn’t work without him! As long as the company is going we will always drive red vans in honour of the ‘Ben Horan Flooring’ Mazda E2200. Rest in peace old girl!

steve Steve McLay Co-founder and Director

If the red van is a tribute to Ben’s previous endeavours then the company name is a tribute to Steve’s. A keen marketer and talented entrepreneur, Steve’s former company Virtuoso Advertising was extremely successful and really helped to hone his business and marketing skills. He started planning and buying media 15 years ago for small to medium sized businesses and realised growing small companies gives him the most satisfaction. Steve applies his business experience to develop supplier and client relationships, help manage the workforce and develop the brand and marketing activity. In his spare time Steve enjoys the horses and even the odd flutter at Cheltenham racecourse with Ben.

anthony Anthony Conradi Team Leader & Senior Fitter

Anthony was the first recruit at Virtuoso Flooring. He is a very fast and highly skilled floor fitter and was Ben’s number one target at the start of the company. Anthony is the best Bristol carpet fitter on the team but is just as comfortable laying carpet as he is installing vinyl, luxury vinyl tiles or laminate and wood. I would say Ant could even be the fastest fitter in the Southwest. ‘Fastest blade in the West’ he likes to be called or ‘Flint Eastwood’ for short! He takes great pride in all that he does and is the perfect deputy when Ben is not on site as holds everyone else to his own very high standards. Anthony is a great team leader. He is no stranger to a gym, he really enjoys keeping fit and playing Football for Bradford Town.

sam Sam Lake Senior Fitter

Sam is ‘Mr. safety flooring’ and one of the most experienced fitters in the company.

He’s excellent with all flooring but nobody works a welding iron or caps and coves like Sam! He joined up with us from Frome and although we couldn’t understand all his lingo at first he fit right in (that looks ‘piffy’ is our fav). He is a real team player and doesn’t mind rolling solo on tough wet room jobs. Sam is also extremely talented with LVTs and loves a good floor puzzle, give him a herringbone or parquet design and he’s over the moon!

steve-mathews Steve Matthews Senior Fitter

Steve is an extremely experienced floor layer.

He has been polishing his skills for the past 20 years and running his own successful flooring business for the past 10, so we are very proud to call him one of our own. He is a highly skilled craftsman and very comfortable installing all types of flooring we offer, and even turns his hand to wall cladding when required! He’s the old head and resident problem solver, any complex jobs that need plenty of nous and a good deal of due care, it’s nice to know we have Steve to lean on.

craig-thompson Craig Thompson Senior Fitter

Craig is a machine and has a fantastic attitude.

Head down & graft, only popping up for air when the bell rings. He’s a quality Bath carpet fitter & not afraid to do his fair share of the heavy lifting. Craig is highly proficient with all flooring types we offer but would have to say carpet tiles seem to be his forte! He can get some serious m2 down & never sacrificing on the finish! Craig is a fantastic addition to the company, we’re very lucky to have both Craig and Steve as they had a solid reputation around Bath working together previously.

nya Nya Ifill Fitter

Nya has come on leaps and bounds.

He has a carpentry background but saw Virtuoso Flooring as an exciting company to work for with great opportunities for growth. He knocked on the door and we are very happy that he did, as he is an excellent addition to the team. Since being with us Nya has become a fantastic Bath floor fitter, skilled in all elements of flooring from prep, to fitting carpets and LVTs.  

glenn-mcdonnell Glenn McDonnell Apprentice

Glenn approached Virtuoso Flooring this year.

His persistence paid off and we took him on a trial week, we were extremely pleased with our decision as he has taken to flooring very well. Eager to further himself and become a full-timeBath floor fitter, Glen’s attitude is excellent. He is enrolled in the same Apprentice course as Nya and is sailing through the theory and practical work.