It’s our mission to give you the widest range of luxury carpeting solutions to choose from, along with fast, professional installation by our highly experienced, local team.

It is a common misconception that a luxurious carpet is one that has a very high yarn – this isn’t actually the case so beware of imitations. There are many cheap carpets that have high yarn counts, but they also have a synthetic origin and fibre density. This makes them more suitable for those looking for a cost-effective flooring option, such as for a buy-to-let property, than a truly luxurious floor covering.

If you are looking for something lower cost, we do have a wide selection of good quality, cheaper carpets which are cost-effective for smaller budgets.

What you need to know when shopping for a luxury carpet in Bath

Luxury carpets are usually made of natural fibres (for example wool or silk). They have a support layer which should also be made of natural fibres or high-quality synthetic materials. Their fibre density is very high, which makes them feel incredibly opulent and luxurious when touched.

Luxury carpets have some specific advantages that make them the ideal solution not only for the modern designer home but also for spaces such as exclusive boutique hotels and contemporary office spaces:

  • The use of exceptional natural fibres gives high-end carpets an exquisite feel
  • They adjust the humidity in the room
  • They offer excellent thermal and sound insulation properties
  • They give a unique carpet comfort sensation in any room
  • They have natural anti-static properties
  • Luxury carpets last longer than carpets made of synthetic fibres, therefore your overall cost will be less than or equal to that of a synthetic carpet for the lifespan of the carpet.

Luxury carpet has an elegant look and luxurious feel, making it the ideal solution for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. Our experienced Bath carpet fitters consider multiple factors when they assist you in your hunt for the best premium floor covering for your home and can advise on suitable products during your consultation.

The initial on-site consultation gives us the opportunity to inspect your flooring, bring a wide range of carpet samples to choose from and affords us the opportunity to understand your needs and style and give expert carpet advice.

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