Our Bath carpet experts are explaining the 4 important factors to consider when choosing carpets for your home:

The type of fibres.

How glossy or matte you want the carpets to be? Residential carpets made out of synthetic material are divided into four categories: matte, semi-matte, semi-glossy and glossy. All of these are available in a wide range of colours. Choose a carpet with fibres that will not lose their colour or shine in time due to sunlight or wear. Our Bath carpet fitters recommend going for semi-mat or matt carpet in a room decorated in a modern style and for semi-glossy or glossy carpets in elegantly or classically decorated rooms.

Manufacturing technology.

The manufacturing technology determines the final appearance of the carpet as well as its quality. In this case, you have to choose between several processes: woven, tufting, or needle punch. Tufting is the most widely used carpet manufacturing process, and the patterns obtained in this way vary from loose carpets to cut wire. Woven carpets are made through a process that is similar to rug manufacturing. If you choose a carpet made in this way, make sure the fibre support is made of rubber or bitumen, for greater durability.

The intensity of traffic.

You must take into consideration the intensity of traffic when choosing the carpet for your home just like you would do when choosing wood flooring. Residential carpets usually have a medium resistance to traffic making them suitable for almost all areas of your home, including the children’s room, but make sure to check it with your carpet supplier.

Fire resistance.

The fire resistance of a carpet is an important aspect to consider because it can ensure the safety of the house and ultimately your safety. Fire resistance is a mandatory characteristic for commercial carpets, but not for residential ones, therefore our Bath floor fitters recommend you to install a carpet that is classified as fire resistant.