A Landlords Guide To Rented Property Flooring A Landlords Guide To Rented Property Flooring

As a landlord and in order to rent out a property, you need to provide tenants with hardwearing and durable…

best flooring for pets and children The Best Flooring Options For Pets and Children

Busy households need flooring that can stand up to the rigours of everyday use. It needs to be strong, durable…

wooden flooring 5 Reasons Why Wooden Flooring Ticks All The Boxes

Wooden flooring has long been a popular choice. From bedrooms and hallways through to living rooms, it has a versatility…

carpet-bath How to Choose the Right Carpet Depending on the Design of the Room

Choosing the right carpet that fits the design of your room can be challenging, but not with this valuable advice from our Bath flooring professionals.

dog-on-carpet Most Common Types of Carpet & Where to Install Them

In this blog post, our flooring Bath experts are answering questions like: what type of carpet shall I choose and where? Click Read More to find the answer.

amtico Why Should You Choose Luxury Vinyl Tiles (Lvt) for Your Floors?

Although there are many flooring options for your home, our Bath flooring fitters believe LVT now offer the most popular, flexible and practical solution for all your flooring needs. Discover more in this article!

hoover-cleaning-carpet How to Clean Your Carpet

Practical tips for cleaning your carpet directly from our flooring Bath experts. In this article, you’ll find out 2 easy steps to follow to remove stains from your carpet.

carpet-materials All You Need to Know About Carpet Materials

The fibres used in the manufacture of carpets determine in a very large proportion their appearance and functionality. Discover more about the most commonly used fibres for carpets from our Bath flooring experts!

quick-step 7 Reasons to Install Laminate Flooring in Your Home

In recent years, laminate flooring manufacturers such as Quick Step have developed products that have the surface and visual appearance of natural wood. Here are 7 reasons to install laminate flooring in your home from our Flooring Bath Experts!

chair-on-carpet 4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Carpets for Your Home

Our Bath flooring experts are explaining the 4 important factors to consider when choosing carpets for your home! Discover all their valuable advice in this article.

bedroom-carpet How to Choose a Carpet Depending on the Room Where It Will Be Installed

Buying the best carpet for your home can be a challenging task, but you don’t have to worry with our flooring Bath fitters supporting you. In this article, they are making some key recommendations when choosing your carpet depending on the room where this will be fitted.

Bedford Modern School-Suprema-Impressionist-Stronghold-Whiterock Elegance and Functionality – the Anti-Slip Floors

Discover from our Bath flooring fitters everything about the solutions you have to meet hygiene, easy cleaning and durability requirements in hospitals, schools, factories, and offices.

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